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Pet Vaccinations in St. Paul, MN

If you could protect your pet from harm and prevent them from getting a seriousness illness, would you? We all love our pups and cats and treat them like members of the family, which is why we should safeguard them the same way we would our children. At our clinic, we offer pet vaccinations in St. Paul, MN, that are proven to prevent harmful diseases which would otherwise shorten the life of your favorite furry friend. We’re a second-generation family-owned office that loves pets as much as their owners do, and it shows in our treatments.

Animal vaccinations are an effective way to prevent many of the most harmful diseases that pets are vulnerable to. When you visit us for animal immunizations, we’re able to defend your dog or cat against many of the core diseases in the local area. We can offer other vaccines as well based on need. Our vets are happy to devise a customized schedule for the two of you with all of the necessary information on what shots are needed, when, and why. Every animal is different, and our extensive experience has taught our team how to adapt to that fact.

Information On Immunization and Our Practice

Both puppies and kittens need yearly vaccines starting at 6-8 weeks old, and some shots are needed multiple times. If you have an animal that hasn’t been vaccinated, we encourage you to come by our clinic right away, especially if he or she is more than 16 weeks old. We offer weekend hours and separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats to keep everyone comfortable. For more than half a century our team has been lengthening and improving the lives of pets so they can continue bringing joy and love to the lives of their owners.

Pet vaccinations differ between puppies and kittens. Typically puppies require the following shots:  

Distemper | Measles | Parainfluenza | Bordetella | DHPP | Coronavirus | Leptospirosis | Lyme Disease | Rabies | Giardia

Our vet can tell you for sure what immunizations your kitten needs. However, some common shots for them are:

FVRCP | FELV | Rabies | FeLv/FIV

Vet with Dog in St. Paul, MN

How Pet Vaccinations Help Your Four-Legged Family Member

Vaccines often use an inactivated or weakened virus to help the body’s immune system build up a natural resistance to the disease. Such a measure empowers you to be proactive and take a stance against the disease ahead of time rather than waiting until it comes after you. This plan is especially useful for illnesses such as rabies. Rabies is easily spread to pets that may fight with or come into contact with other infected animals, and it carries a high likelihood of fatality with exposure. Animal vaccinations save lives by stopping it.

If an unvaccinated human contracts rabies and doesn’t seek help soon enough, the outcome is death, as there is no cure for the disease. That’s why the rabies vaccine is so important for dogs, cats, and their owners. In fact, it’s so important that many cities and states require that all pets have this vaccination. Let us help your pet live a long and happy life and prevent the spread of deadly diseases by providing proper vaccinations. It truly is the best thing for the safety of your pets, your family, your community, and yourself.

Are Yearly Vaccines Safe for My Pet?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the dangers of vaccines, which has many pet owners asking if these procedures are safe for their pets. While any type of medical treatment has some level of risk, it is important to weigh the risk against the benefits of protecting your pet, family, and community from serious diseases. Most of the time the risks are small and far outweighed by the benefits. This is true from a health, emotional, and financial standpoint, as pet vaccinations are much more affordable and less painful than treating diseases.

The majority of pets have positive responses to vaccines, and even the most common adverse responses are usually mild and for a short duration. Serious reactions are extremely rare. Overall, vaccines have been tested thoroughly by multiple medical and scientific organizations and have been found safe for use in both humans and animals. While there is a lot of scary talk about cat and dog vaccinations, they really are a great tool in prolonging your pet’s life and promoting their overall well-being and happiness.

Contact us to book an immunization appointment. We welcome pets from St. Paul, Highland Park, and Summit Hill, Minnesota, and the nearby neighborhoods.