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Cat Health Care in St. Paul, MN

Give your cat everything it needs to enjoy a long life with quality cat health care in St. Paul, MN. Highland Animal Hospital has established itself as a compassionate cat care clinic over the past 48 years. Whether you need vaccinations for your kitten to prevent disease or simply a checkup for your senior cat, give us a call.

Inside the Clinic:

One of our skilled veterinarians will thoroughly access your cat via a physical exam consisting of vital checks of eyes, ears, respiratory and cardiac condition, body composition, and oral health, along with other comprehensive observations that indicate sickness and health.

After the exam, our veterinarian team can administer annual vaccinations to ensure your pet stays protected from common, highly transmissible diseases. Vaccines are split up into recommendations as core and non-core vaccines. Core vaccines are recommended for all cats and non-core are lifestyle vaccines that are recommended depending on your cat’s type of activities. For felines, our core vaccines consist of Feline Distemper (FVRCP) and Rabies. Our non-core vaccine is Feline Leukemia (Feleuk) for cats that spend time outdoors or around other cats that do.

The physical assessment gives us clues as to what might be going on with your pet, but to truly understand the not-so-visible health of your pet, we recommend and offer annual bloodwork at a discounted price in conjunction with their yearly feline distemper vaccine (FVRCP) to make sure your cat is on track to be their healthiest self.

Outside the Clinic:

While we love to see you and your pet for your annual wellness exam, there are limitations to what we can do to keep your pet healthy throughout the year, outside of our care. However, there are many ways that pet owners can keep their furry companions happy and healthy at home with the tools that we provide. The biggest tool at our disposal to keep your cat healthy year-round are parasite preventatives. We are proud to offer Nexgard Combo; a topical flea, tick, GI parasite and heartworm preventative recommended for all cats that spend any amount of time outside or are in close proximity to another pet that frequents the outdoors.

In addition to preventatives, you can keep your pet healthy year-round through our in-house pharmacy with preventatives including joint supplements, allergy medications, and vitamins, along with a wide range of other medications to treat your cat’s individual needs.

Regular teeth brushing is also highly recommended to prevent the buildup of tarter which can lead to heart and kidney disease, anorexia, and lethargy. This is an easy way to prevent long-term issues and can even turn into an enjoyable habit at home for both you and your cat! Routine dental cleanings are also recommended for your cat in the presentation of tarter and is a service that we offer at our clinic.

For further information on how to keep your pet healthy at home,
feel free to check out our General Cat Care and Recommendations handout or give us a call!

Count on Our Clinic to Keep Your Feline Happy

Has your kitten's behavioral problems increased as it has gotten older? Has your adult cat's breath become foul? Bring your pet to our cat care clinic to see how we can help. From spaying and neutering services to prevent unwanted litters and behaviors to simple dental care, our veterinarians keep your pet's best interests at heart.

Our commitment to quality vet care comes from our passion for animals. That's why the array of services we provide is designed to promote the optimal health for your cat. We keep in mind a variety of factors in your cat's life to ensure proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment. For example, bad breath can be caused by poor dental health in most cases, but other factors can lead us to a different conclusion involving digestion.

A Trusted Cat Care Veterinary Clinic

Choosing a cat care clinic to oversee your pet's wellbeing is important. Cats can't speak for themselves, so it's up to our vets and staff to interpret your observations and your cats' symptoms to achieve an accurate diagnosis.

Thanks to our prolonged expertise, we have honed our skills in providing precise care for animals. Our team is equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to give your cat the treatments, vaccines, and surgeries it needs.

In addition, we understand that pet owners have their own concerns. We take the time to educate you about your pet's needs and treatments, keeping you in the loop and confident about their care.

Contact us to learn more about our cat health care. We are proud to serve St. Paul, MN and surrounding areas.