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The Importance of Routine Pet Dental Care in St. Paul, MN

If you’ve ever had to wait on a dentist to fix a tooth problem, you know how frustrating it can be and how important it is to resolve issues before they become serious. It’s no different for animals. That’s why Highland Animal Hospital offers pet dental care in St. Paul, MN, to relieve them of the pains of dental disease. 

The first step to fighting decay and damage is recognizing when they appear in your pets. Some of the most obvious red flags are bad breath, tartar on teeth, and reddened gums, but there are subtler signs. Has your dog or cat changed their eating habits? That could be a sign of discomfort. Find out for sure by consulting one of our pet dentists and oral hygiene experts.

Pet Dental Care in St. Paul, MN

Preventive Care Saves Money, Time, and Trouble

Though it’s vital to address emergencies that leave your pet suffering or unable to eat, the best way to meet their oral health needs is with regular dental maintenance. Doing so allows us to catch issues early, keeping potential disease or damage from spreading.

Our pet dental cleaning service can lead to longer, healthier lives. Make oral oversight part of your pet’s wellness routine, and you’ll minimize the risk of infections and other problems.

More than Just Cleanings

As important as it is, however, even the most vigilant owner can’t always rely on preventive care. That’s why we offer a range of treatments to ensure dogs and cats have the solutions they need to live their best lives. Some of our many services are:

  • Dental X-Rays
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Pet Periodontal Treatment

No matter what’s causing the issue, our compassionate team does everything in our power to deliver relief—both for you and your beloved animal. Bring your furry friend in for comprehensive pet exams with a holistic approach to pet health.