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Veterinary Radiology in St. Paul, MN

The radiology and ultrasound professionals at our veterinary clinic use the latest technology and the most effective methods to diagnose dog and cat ailments. We offer veterinary radiology to animals in the area. Our full-service facilities are a caring, compassionate place to get all of your animal’s medical needs taken care of. With more than 45 years of experience, rest assured that your pets are being taken care of by experts in the field, fully trained in radiology and any other veterinary fields your pet may require.

Because we believe in offering complete pet health care for dogs and cats, our team provides a number of vet radiology services. Speak with our veterinarian today when you need services such as ultrasounds or animal X-rays. We cater to the specific, individual needs of your pet, giving them a comfortable, stress-free experience. Our staff understands that going to the vet is a scary experience for some pets. This is why we make sure to create a warm, loving environment in order to give your pets the positive experience they deserve.

Vet Holding Cat in St. Paul, MN

Vet Offering a Wide Variety of Services

As your local experienced vet, we have received extensive training in all aspects of the radiology field. This intensive training enables us to offer state-of-the-art services for your pets. We determine the reasons for their discomfort quickly and effortlessly by using ultrasound or X-rays, thereby allowing us to personalize their treatments more efficiently. We offer all of the following radiology services:  

• Radiographs • Ultrasonography • Biopsy Services • Animal X-Rays

Our doctors love animals as much as you do. This love leads our entire team to always act in ways that enhance the well-being of your beloved pet. Depend on us to put the needs of your animal first. Trust us to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to diagnose any health problems, and provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision about your pet's medical care. We provide the best possible radiological care because we want the most accurate diagnosis possible before treating your pet.

Ultrasounds are as vital a diagnostic as X-rays in better assessing what cannot be seen from an external examination. The key difference between ultrasounds and X-rays is that ultrasound can reveal soft tissues and fluids in a video-like process while X-rays are great at, yet limited to, imaging dense structures and air pockets in a snapshot format. Both of these imaging services can work together in providing a more detailed picture of what might be going on in your pet including bone structures, organs, masses, and fluids.

Experienced Animal Radiology Services

Animal X-rays allow us to discover the evidence of broken bones, internal bleeding, and a host of other ailments. In order to determine that something is hurting your dog or cat, our radiology and ultrasound results are sometimes the only way to determine what's wrong. If your pet begins to act differently from his or her normal behavior, you might need to bring them in for a diagnostic procedure. We are open for pet health care seven days a week for your convenience.

Since we opened in 1967, we have offered a wide array of pet services aimed at giving your furry loved ones the best quality of life possible. Our radiological techniques are an extension of this dedication to your animals. We offer these services to ensure that the medical care your pet is receiving is exactly what he or she needs. With accurate scans comes an accurate diagnosis.

We use top-of-the-line radiography equipment to take X-rays of an ailing pet. First, our veterinary technicians sedate your animal if necessary, either with mild sedatives or anesthesia. This process is necessary to ensure accurate results, as well as to manage the stress of your pet. We have on-site all of the equipment necessary to perform whatever type of scan is necessary, depending on what the problem seems to be. For tissue damage or internal organ issues, we use ultrasounds, and for bone fractures and other issues related to the skeletal system, we employ x-rays. All of our techniques are perfectly safe for your animal.

Once the scan has been taken, our skilled veterinarians then read the X-ray or ultrasound to assess what is wrong and make a proper diagnosis based on the results. Through advances in the technology regarding radiology, we are able to see the problem your animal might have. These advances in the vet radiology process are an invaluable part of our health care process, giving us the ability to offer the most accurate diagnoses possible. In doing so, we provide your pet with the best possible chance of healing and continuing to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Contact us today for veterinary radiology and ultrasound services. We work with pets from owners living throughout St. Paul, Minnesota, including the Highland Park and Summit Hills communities.