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Pet Microchips in St. Paul, MN

Keep track of your pets, no matter how far they may roam. While no pet owner wants to go through the heartache of losing their beloved fluffy family member, mistakes happen. Whether there’s a hole in your fence or your pet has the tendency to dash out of the front door, you always want to ensure they can easily be returned to their loving home. That’s where our pet microchips come in. By implanting a miniscule chip into your pet, he or she always has contact information on them, even if they aren’t wearing their tags.

The microchipping process is virtually pain-free. And with the assurance it provides that your cat or dog can always be safely brought back to you, there’s no reason not to take advantage of our services. As with all of our other veterinary procedures, our staff takes special care of your companion while they are in our hands. We offer both cat and dog microchipping, so no matter what the roaming habits of your animal are, we can ensure they are never truly lost.

Cat, Dog in St. Paul, MN

Get More Peace of Mind with Microchipping

Each species, breed, and individual animal is different. Some just prefer being outdoors, while others may find the world is too big and terrifying. Whatever the case, they certainly want to come back to their owners. By placing a pet-tracking microchip under the skin, you can make sure they are never hard to find.

Pet microchips have an identifying integrated circuit, known as a transponder, which can be scanned easily to find out important information about who the animal belongs to. Most vet offices and animal shelters are readily equipped with scanners because they never want to assume an animal is stray and permanently separate it from its owner.

Even if your dog or cat has a collar and identification tags, these can sometimes fall off, especially if your pet is very active outdoors. With a pet ID chip, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s placed securely under the skin with a needle—just like a regular shot. That chip becomes a permanent part of your pet.

Many indoor cats don’t know what it’s like outside, and they’re curious to explore. This leads to escape attempts when you open the doors. And because of felines’ agility and predatory nature, outdoor cats like to travel away from home. While both indoor and outdoor cats can typically find their way home, sometimes the outside world can become too bewildering for them, and they get confused. But with our cat microchipping services, they’ll never be gone for too long.

Dogs are also at a huge risk of getting out of your home or yard, especially if they are notorious chewers and diggers. All dogs need to be let outside at some point, and unless you constantly keep an eye on them and have the leash on at all times, they can figure out a way to get loose.

The best thing to do for any breed of dog or cat is to get it a microchip to track its steps. We know how much you love your animals, and we want to get them back to you safely if they ever wander too far.

Make an Appointment to Get a Pet-Tracking Microchip

Trust our professional and friendly staff for fast, pain-free services. Pet microchips require no anesthetic to implant—it's just like any other shot your furry friend would get at the vet. Compared to the anxiety and stress caused by trying to find your pet, this fast and affordable service is well worth it. After the procedure is over, you can register the chip into the microchip database. This ensures that as long as your pet is scanned, you'll have a quicker reunion.

Cat and dog microchipping is a reliable way to ensure your companion can be returned to you. However, most pet owners and others in your neighborhood won't have the appropriate tools to scan the chip. So it's still important to have external forms of identification on your pet at all times. If your dog sneaks into a yard down the street, for instance, appropriate ID tags can ensure a speedy return. Having both methods of ID can mean the difference between a couple of hours and a couple of days of worrying.

Talk to our professionals about the other benefits of pet ID chips or learn more about the procedure. We're happy to make an appointment to see your cat or dog and to ease your mind as soon as possible.

Contact us today and let us help you keep tabs on your pets with our animal microchips. We help locate lost pets throughout St. Paul, Minnesota, including the Highland Park and Summit Hills communities.